Introducing Forestry South Africa

FSA, a multi-tiered organisation, is steered by a dedicated team of people based at our Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg offices. The Association is also supported by a network of specialist consultants and sector experts.

There are five operational units within the FSA structure: Business Development, Operations, Protection, Research and Environment. Each of these units are overseen by a member of the FSA internal team and have clearly defined areas of focus which are further divided into working groups or committees.

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FSA partnerships

The commercial Forestry Industry is the foundation of a R64 billion value chain. Its various challenges are not limited to the Forestry Industry but shared with other primary producers. To the end, FSA forges strong cross-sector collaborations with stakeholders along the forest and forest product value chain as well as associated primary producers. This ensures a coordinated and complementary approach towards environmental, social and economic sustainability. It also secures a sustained supply of raw material – wood and fibre – to support the downstream processing.

FSA Executive Committee

FSA’s members are made up by three grower groups according to the size and scale of their respective forestry operations: Large Growers Group, Medium Growers Group (MGG) and Small Growers Group (SGG).

FSA’s Exco comprises individuals which proportionally represent our members across the three grower groups.

These individuals are elected on an annual basis, with a chairperson and vice-chairperson being elected from the groups on a rotational basis. Meeting on a biannual basis, they play a pivotal role in steering FSA and ensuring both short and long-term objectives are successfully achieved.

Exco’s roles and responsibilities

The management, control and administration of FSA rests in Exco. Exco acts as a spokesperson on behalf of FSA members, promoting pre-competitive interests. Exco also determines FSA’s financial requirements and approves annual funding. It also has the power to appoint and remunerate employees, consultants, contractors and legal representatives.