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Positive interventions to resolve operational challenges experienced during lockdown

FSA have good news to report regarding the enforcement challenges which have arisen since the lockdown. The PPGI team has been making input into a Standard Operating Procedure for the security forces. This will go a long way towards empowering the security forces to target high risk activities by unscrupulous businesses and citizens but also to preventing unnecessary interference with producers and suppliers of essential products and services. We hope to see the SOPs out in the next day or so. Once available, we would encourage members and their staff to familiarise themselves with both the Regulations and the SOPs so that should they again have to engage with the security forces during operations, they can indicate which essential products and services their activities are supporting.

It should also be noted that while the online registration certificates were not previously a requirement to operate, this may change. Since most members have already registered, this requirement in itself may assist with less interruptions from the security forces. Those members who have not registered are encouraged to do so.

We will also be circulating a list of MECs and contact details for each province so that should further enforcement challenges be encountered, members can obtain quicker intervention.

Once again please encourage your staff to download the Telegram app and join the Forestry South Africa Channel for regular information updates.