Forest Operations

Keeping forestry in motion

FSA involves itself in a wide range of issues which have a direct bearing on the wellbeing of the South African Forestry Industry and thereby our members. The work that FSA does of behalf of the Industry can broadly be divided into five portfolios namely Operations, Research, Environment, Education and Training and Business Development, which are then further divided into the eight functional areas of which Forest Operations is one. Each portfolio has its own issues that need to be dealt with to ensure that the Forestry Industry remains profitable, internationally competitive and sustainable in the long-term.

The Operations Portfolio has a particularly wide range of issues that it deals with which are handled primarily by the Operations Director and Manager although these do spill over to other staff members as well. Its primary functions are as follows:

  1. The convening, facilitating and chairing of the following Committees and Working Groups:

    1. Anti Timber Theft Forum
    2. Forest Operations Working Group
    3. Health and Safety Working Group
    4. Human Resources Committee
    5. Land Committee
    6. Transport Committee
  2. The maintenance and continual updating of the comprehensive database on all aspects of the South African Forestry and Forest Products Industry.
  3. The monitoring and analysing of proposed Government policy, legislation and regulations as contained in Green Papers, White Papers, Bills, Acts and Gazettes, to ascertain the economic / financial impacts that it will have on the Industry and to draft the required submissions thereon to counter potential negative consequences.
  4. The carrying out of various surveys amongst Association members to gather information from them and to (a) determine their views on issues that impact the Industry and (b) for use in the production of reports, presentations and submissions.
  5. The dissemination of all relevant information to members of the Association and the Industry at large.