Merensky’s showblocks - old and new


A sustainable alternative

Species: Eucalyptus grandis
Common name: Rose Gum
Age: 88 years old

Planted by Dr Merensky in 1933, the Merensky Eucalyptus show block was developed to demonstrate the commercial value of Eucalyptus trees for higher value applications. Eight decades later, Merensky Timbers is continuing this legacy by investing in the ongoing improvement and enrichment of several Eucalyptus species for solid wood purposes and are recognized internationally as the pioneers of high value Eucalyptus sawlogs, which serve as a sustainable alternative to endangered tropical hardwoods.

Investigating the potential of indigenous trees

Species: Afrocarpus falcatus or Podocarpus Fallacies
Common name: Outeniqua Yellowwood
Age: 27 years old

Planted in 1994, next to one of Merensky’s rehabilitated indigenous forests, the Yellowwood trial block was planted to determine the growth potential of these indigenous trees. Their slow growth means it will be many years before the commercial value will be realised. Still, the block serves as a reminder of the Merensky Group’s values of inclusivity, integrity and innovation towards achieving our purpose to go beyond sustainability to DO GOOD.