Forestry Pests and Diseases

The FSA Forestry Pests and Diseases Annual Report presents research and operational activities currently being conducted by numerous FSA Working Groups tasked to prevent, manage and/or mitigate the economic impact and threat posed by a variety of Pest and Disease species. The relationship between the centralised FSA Research and Protection Business Unit and decentralised Working Groups managing the programmes allows for bottom-up, top-down and horizontal coordination. Specific operational and research objectives are to be achieved at a Working Group programme level and value adding, cross-cutting central objectives at a FSA level. New Working Groups or Task Teams can be formed in response to a threat or to manage specific mitigation measures.

National Forests Pests and Diseases Committee Working Groupss

Eucalyptus Pest and Disease Working Group – Chair: Wayne Jones

Sirex Control Consortium – Chair: Dr Ronald Heath

Wattle Rust Working Group – Chair: Craig Norris

Timber Industry Pesticide Working Group (TIPWG) – Chair: Roger Poole