Forestry Protecting Forests

International Day of Forests

Forestry protecting forests: part of the sustainable roots of commercial forestry in South Africa

In celebration of the International Day of Forests, 21 March 2021, Forestry South Africa (FSA) has released a new infographic outlining how commercial forestry in South Africa is helping to protect the country’s indigenous forests.

Few people realise commercial forestry was started over 100 years ago in an attempt to conserve South Africa’s indigenous forests from the increasing demand for wood, or, that the forestry landscape is a patchwork mix of planted compartments and natural ecosystems.

The Forestry Protecting Forests infographic has been produced to address this, using the data from a recent survey of 1.2 million hectares of forestry-owned and managed land, which revealed over 61 000 hectares of indigenous forest can be found within the forestry landscape. When you consider South Africa has around 530 000 hectares of indigenous forests in total, forestry’s contribution to its conservation is considerable.

Click here, to download a printable version of the infographic.

Infographic - Forestry protecting forests