Female face of forestry

One of forestry’s most persistent misconceptions is: that forestry is a male only profession. This view of the sector is outdated. While the workforce might still be male-dominated in some spheres, the past five decades have seen women not just survive but thrive in forestry-related careers.

Moving into the 21st century, silvicultural and technological advancements have helped break down gender barriers with women considered to be equally well-equipped to take on the physical nature of forestry. We are seeing successful women come to the fore in every role within the sector, from machine operator to chief financial officer and CEO’s of multinational companies.

We need to promote a vision of forestry where both men and women can run operations, operate heavy machinery, own forestry businesses and conduct the research that is helping forestry to evolve and expand. There is a place in forestry for women as the next generation of female scientists, engineers, machine operators and IT specialists.

By dispelling the ‘male only’ myth, our industry can attract the brightest, most dedicated and passionate staff, irrespective of gender.

We can do this by showcasing successful women who have already carved out careers for themselves in forestry-related areas and hope that their stories will inspire others to set down roots in the sector too. The following stories are but a sample of women with a collective 329 years of experience who, along with their male and female colleagues, are helping our industry grow.