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Consolidated Occupation Health and Safety Directive published

A Consolidated Occupation Health and Safety Directive was published on Friday 11 June that focusses on Covid-19 and the workplace. The directive outlines the health and safety protocols that businesses and employees are required to follow during the lockdown. Several regulations have been gazetted before, but this directive serves to consolidate and update the existing regulations as it deals with new issues.

It is important to note that employers must undertake a Risk Assessment that must be completed by Friday 02 July 2021. The employer must take into account the operational requirements of the workplace and decide if they want to make vaccinations mandatory or not. If the employer decides to make vaccinations mandatory, they have to identify employees that can transmit through their work, or are at severe risk. Based on this risk assessment, companies must develop a plan (or amend existing plan). The details can be found on pages 41 to 73.

If you have more questions, or need assistance with the development of such a plan, please contact FSA’s Operations Director, Mr Francois Oberholzer