Conserving Biodiversity in a Patchwork Landscape

The forestry landscape is a patchwork mosaic of planted compartments, roads and infrastructure and unplanted spaces, which include over 305 884 hectares of grasslands, fynbos, indigenous forests and water bodies.

A recent survey of 70% of South Africa’s forestry landscape found 171 197 hectares of grasslands, 12 902 hectares of fynbos, 62 269 hectares of indigenous forest and 59 513 hectares of water bodies within the commercial forestry landholdings. As a result, the forestry landscape provides an array of habitats and ecological services that benefit biodiversity and are managed, monitored and maintained by the Forestry Industry. It also provides the opportunity to conduct biodiversity-based research that will ultimately improve our understanding and ability to conserve both individual species and whole ecosystems.

Photo Credits: Crowned Eagle chick in nest – Garth Batchelor; all other images – Peta Hardy, Sappi

FSA Infographic - Conserving Biodiversity in a Patchwork Landscape-01 (1)

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