Arbor Day 2021-01

Celebrating Arbor Week 2021

The South African forestry landscape is home to some of the country’s
Champion Trees, which are part of our national heritage. National Arbor Week is an opportune time to celebrate these magnificent trees and the many other planted and indigenous trees found within the forestry landscape.

“Arbor Week is the opportune time to appreciate the wealth of tree species found within the forestry landscape. Indeed, a recent survey done by FSA revealed that over 61 000 hectares of indigenous forest are found within forestry owned and managed land. These forests are monitored, managed and maintained by the forestry industry, providing ecosystem services that benefit biodiversity and offering a wealth of research and recreational opportunities”, Dr Ronald Heath

Arbor Week 2021 Infographic

Amathole’s Champion Trees

Merensky’s showblocks

Mondi’s Trend Setters

MTO’s Survivors


NCT’s living fossil

SAFCOL’s Champion Quartet

SAPPI’s Super Six

Dawn Redwood - Option 2 - high res
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 6.46.35 PM