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10 May 2022 – Forestry South Africa commemorates 20-years of representing the South African Forestry Industry with a video celebrating the Forestry Sector

To celebrate two-decades of representing the Forestry Industry in South Africa, Forestry South Africa (FSA) has released a 3-minute video championing the sustainable nature of forestry. The video features FSA members sharing the simple message “I grow…”, however, there is a twist in the tale as rather than stating the obvious – “I grow trees, pine, eucalypts or wattle” – each forester mentions a forestry product or benefit their trees sustain.

“The video challenges people unfamiliar with forestry to think of it as more than simply growing trees”, explains FSA Head of Communications Dr Ronald Heath. “By switching I grow trees, to I grow medicines and cosmetics, affordable homes, designer dresses, libraries full of books or even sustainable businesses, we are creating a link between our forests and the myriad of forest products and benefits they sustain. This is a simple and yet powerful message, connecting the social, environmental and economic benefits forestry products yield with the trees and foresters who maintain their supply.”

The video was launched at FSA’s AGM in Pietermaritzburg on Thursday 5 May and received very positive reviews from FSA’s members.

“We have had numerous requests to share the video, which is now available to download from the FSA website, and are looking forward to responses we get when using it to interact with a variety of Forestry Stakeholders ”, Dr Heath concludes.

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