Tatenda Mapeto

Lecturer, Nelson Mandela University


  • PhD Forestry

My research focuses on how we can manage forests most sustainably for the economy, environment and people. I also conduct research and help students with their masters and PhD studies. For my PhD, I looked at the relationship between trees and water, how trees transpire for photosynthesis and other purposes. My research helps us better understand where it is suitable to plant trees and where it could have a negative impact on other land users.

“Forestry is exciting, as a forest scientist or manager, you will get to be the catalyst for managing forests towards societal goals. You will be someone who understands biological processes because you will not just manage the plantations but the whole forestry landscape. You will be a great long-term planner because trees take time to grow, you will also work with people becoming a business executive because forestry is a profitable business.”

eddy covarience system
groundwater monitoring - tatenda
sap flow station- water use

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