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December newsletter – TIP-Mag issue two, coming soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for the second issue of TIP-Mag, which will be launched early in the New Year – with its bright yellow cover it’s hard to miss. With a host of interesting and intriguing articles including ones considering: the need for international collaborations, the enemies of your enemies are your friends and the technologies shaping tree breeding. We are sure that this second issue will have something for everyone.

We also want to use this opportunity to ask for submissions for the third issue, planned for release in July 2021 and are looking for:

  • Opinion pieces – presenting ‘bigger picture’ ideas/concepts/philosophies/issues that do or will shape the forestry sector.
  • Interest articles – presenting already published research in a way that is accessible to your average forester on the ground. Referring to the published piece and explaining the key findings and the impacts these will have.
  • Technical notes and literature reviews

If you have an article you are considering submitting and want to know more, please contact Jacqui Meyer –

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