September newsletter – Celebrating Arbor Week with York

A vision of an indigenous forestry by York Engineering

Spurred on by York’s dedication to South Africa’s natural environment, York Engineer, Fanjan Pretorius, initiated a tree planting day as part of York’s Arbor Day celebrations. His vision, to fill an unplanted area of land near the York office buildings with indigenous trees for the future.

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you don’t expect to sit” Nelson Henderson.

Arbor Week is just the start of York’s engineering group’s monthly activities which work towards a fun working environment, team building and knowledge in something outside everyday work. “Participating in team building activities now and then contributes to a healthy team spirit and work culture. It’s a breath of fresh air during a very busy work schedule and I think that York makes a positive contribution towards their employees’ well being by allowing such traditions and team building activities.”, adds Angelique Schickerling, Business Analyst York Timbers.

With each team member responsible for their indigenous tree, variety was brought to the York playing field. Armed with shovels, they placed compost into their pre-dug holes before filling them in and placing a protective pipe around the newly planted saplings which will in time grow to indigenous giants which will, in turn, provide shade for future generations of foresters to enjoy.

In total, twelve indigenous trees were planted, which included: two Yellowwood trees (Podocarpus latifolius), Olive (Olea europaea), Carob (Ceratonia siliqua), two White stinkwood trees (Celtis africana), Wild Olive (Olea europaea subs. africana), White Karee (Searsia pendulina), Wild Laburnum (Calpurnia Aurea), Peppy tree (Agonis flexuosa) and Tree Wisteria (Bolusanthus speciosus).

The initiative of each team member selecting and planting their tree compliments the York Timbers culture where each individual can contribute in his or her unique way. “Planting a tree does not stop with Arbor Day but is rather a commitment towards ownership and responsibility, nursing your tree through tough times knowing spring will come.” explains Fanjan Pretorius, Group Engineer York Timbers

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