April/May newsletter – PAMSA’s Masters in Engineering video paints the value chain as a whole in a beautiful light

To ensure South Africa’s brightest minds apply for Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) Masters of Engineering M.Eng bursary programme, PAMSA has released two short video clips promoting the bursary, the paper and pulp industry and the Sector as a whole.

We created two one-minute videos, particularly for use on social media,” says communication manager Samantha Choles. The first is a snapshot of the forestry value chain and how the sector promotes sustainability while highlighting the products that come from wood or the pulping process. “The second video focuses on the M.Eng programme and encourages students to ‘go beyond’ their traditional perspective of the paper industry and imagine the possibilities that the forest products sector offers.”

It is the first video, which promotes being part of the team that brings wood products to the world, which really struck a chord with us. By clearly linking the ‘every day’ conventional and unusual wood-based products in our homes, to sustainably-managed South African plantations and the host of South Africans who turn wood into wood-based products along the value chain, this video creates a sense of home-grown pride for both the product and our plantations. Through poignant wording, emotive music, and striking visuals, PAMSA has relayed a strong and empowering message promoting the Industry as a whole.

Click here, to view the first PAMSA video promoting Sector sustainability.

Click here, to view the second video promoting the M.Eng programme.

Cover image credit: Sappi

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