March/April newsletter: Something for the kids… and perhaps the parents too!

With at least another few weeks of lockdown ahead of us, here are a couple of forestry related activities we put together to help fill a few moments of your child’s day.

1 – Stories by Audiable
Amazon’s Audiable has launched a free service to help parents through the COVID-19 crisis, a FREE service where parents can let little ones listen to a large range of great audiobooks. It has everything, from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories, to Harry Potter. With 38 little listeners, 44 primary age stories, 42 tween books and 69 teenage reads, as well as 27 of the ‘classics’, the whole family can be kept entertained for days!

2 – Axel Scheffler’s COVID-19 just for children
If you are having difficulties explaining the complexities of COVID and lockdown to your children, the illustrator behind the Gruffalo has written an amazing book to help you. FREE to download, the book answers everything from quarantine to what happens if you get ill. Written in combination with a psychologist and two head teachers, it is pitched perfectly.

3 – Twinkl
Every teacher’s best friend, Twinkl has been supplying teachers around the world with innovative learning materials – from worksheets, to powerpoint presentations and fact sheets. To help parents with home schooling during lockdown, they have opened their extensive catalogue to everyone. Just click on the link, fill in your details and download, download and then download some more!

4. Imagination tree
For those who were not born crafty, this website is a winner. The wide array of easy to replicate arts and craft activities help time to pass quickly, but there is more to the site than just glitter and glue. There are amazing culinary activities, games to uplift and instil kindness, learning methods and so much more.

5. Love Paper
UK Paper Organisation has released a number of amazing activities to keep everyone entertained during lockdown, from puzzles to colouring pages and origami. The best bit, after your little one has completed their masterpiece and it has spent the mandatory time on the fridge, it can be recycled! Clean, green and so much fun!

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